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Description: Two Of My Favorite Cocksuckers. I stroked faster, and shoved my finger all the way up inside his tiny back hole, wiggling it furiously. Nat would you feed me more cum in my mouth? He sucked on my willing cock until I felt like I was about to explode. He gripped her leg and she kicked at him. There was no mistaking the disapproving look that Erica was receiving from the hotel worker standing in front of her. Despite the pain I was probably causing her, she seemed to be in continuous orgasm, her mouth open and gasping, her body shuddering under me, as she persistently tried to meet my thrusts, and her pussy clenched me rhythmically. What I did about it was to grip Brett's shoulders again to keep my balance while I stood there like a knocked kneed cowgirl so the exploring fingers could have all the room they needed.