Sperm Hot Shower - TubeStars Party

Duration: 22:29 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Hot Shower. She grabbed her pony tail and kinda twirled it, and said. As it withdrew, she felt herself being lifted onto the table. Pam decided that she wanted to fuck. Gail asked Sandy if would mind if she took over sucking my cock to which Sandy replied as long as she could do likewise to Tony. On the table was a naked man. At the beggining I banged her fastly, but then I slowed down. The door clicks and I hear footsteps. I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks, revealing my sexy little toes, painted black. I was only too pleased to oblige her and as we heard both Sandy and Tony reach their orgasm it was too much for us and we came very soon after. The pressure seemed to ease a bit, as her outer cunt worked to accommodate my girth. Further, we will inspect you periodically to make sure you have them on.
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