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Description: My Friend. His erection continued to bump against her. But I will leave it slack enough so you can turn over, or crawl up to the end of the table to give me a blow job. Was that OK for you? When I turned up to look, he was in deep lust when he asked me; Do you like it Jess?. Lie still, he told her. She could feel a trickle starting in her pussy, and seconds later the trickle reached her pants that she was wearing. You came in here and took your shirt and bra off after I asked you to let the sales team feel your tits. Get a hold of yourself I won't let you drop your dream for me!, he said sternly. Jeff introduced us: Jeff Pearson, and this is my wife Sandra. His growing erection twitched noticeably behind the fabric of his trousers. She did as they wanted, flopping herself around on the smooth surface and honking like a feeding seal as fingers smeared with cream were jammed up her ass again at the same time as the huge cock continued splitting her pussy.