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Description: Jerking My Dick With A Grapefruit. Again she held me by my dick and took me to the bed. No energy left,I needed 1 hour to recover, and laid my sleepy head on the pillow, and both the girls did the same. Its just that my life seems aimless. I have had some kinda quick sex with a girl down the road. PERVERT SAYS: 'Well, I'm into feet, so. I rolled her over instead and laid on top of her. My cum finally stopped, but I couldn't. As the dance came to an end, Tim asked Lisa to join him at his place. I felt him pulse and spurt as he unloaded shot after shot of his spunk into me and I too cried out and slammed hard into Jane as I began to do the same into her. I very slowly and gently started to lift her nightdress up and gently caressing her soft milky thighs as I went. But it had to be a false alarm because they weren't two birds, it was a guy and a girl. One thing was for sure, there was no way I was going on up to the top. She lay there, looking at me with love in her large, dark eyes as I took in the lovely sight of her naked body once again.