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Description: Hairy Pussy Pov. At some point in time, Tim had heard of the tender spot between a girl's legs that would make her explode. I disregarded it as just my skirt rising up to my ass. I didn't think she would need any. Oh fuck that was amazing i said to him .he agreed. That's when I finally realized what CM stood for. Henley grabbed my hand and told Mathew to follow. I was so scared on what they were going to do. Her voice was rising in anger and Jodi made a painting gesture at Jacko. Well, eventually, I hired a masseur, she says. She hit a good spot, he gulped and continued. Don't worry, Brett told me calmly. The fire alarm had just gone on. Ok, now I want you and Carly to clean up this mess and come and see me at 6pm, and with that I walked off, to be closely followed by Janney.