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Description: Late Night Head Before Bed. Gloria's really getting into it, and I have to say I can -almost- see my abs again. I wasn't going to do any more climbing. I Had The Same Idea You Did. Restless little girls, nervously fingering their own boxes as they watched their friends up on the table fucking and sucking. I walked inside and I walked into the kitchen, bringing out a juice-box from the fridge. I immediately broke off the kiss, because I wasn't done with her yet. As far as eating another woman's pussy this too was something that her husband had always wanted her to do but of course he had wanted to watch. I saw my chance and told them I wanted to talk to them private in the club house. I felt that I was nearing a climax, so I pulled out of her and turned her around. Then with out notice she pulled my dick out of her mouth and held it over her face and I came all over her cheek and mouth. He tried to hold it. And ravaging was the furthest thing on my mind. The brief interlude had helped the need to cum to back off a bit, and I wanted to be in her again.