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Description: Home Wanking #2. I had just gotten out of a pretty bad relationship and was looking to have some fun. How big his cock was, and I got scared. Randall positioned himself over Patience as she stretched out. After about ten seconds, the pointed pink tip of his cock appeared again;. We left the bedroom then to the door, though I wanted to stay, I didn't wanna get in trouble for missing curfew. No matter how quickly you drink from me, you cannot keep up with the deluge. You're my special girl. Cody looked back at me and then returned to Sara. Then she phoned her office assistant, Katy, to come clean up after us and drop the girl off at home. I said in a smug tone. She took the finger out of her mouth, now all sticky and slimy with her own spit, and started to rub her fingers up and down my pussy. Each time he do, some electric current would surge my body releasing my juice filling our bottom so wet. He smiled at her and before she could move he grabbed her by her hair yanking her back onto the bed.
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