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Description: Seducing Str8 Roommate (2 Of 2). It was supposed to be just another photo shoot in a country park near where we live. He hung up and called his house phone. All the while your hands were cradling my breasts, rubbing and squeezing. The first times?!?Your husband has paid for 24 hours, Geraldine.. It was then that the two of them begin to take turns entering my butt hole for a couple of strokes and pulling out and letting the other one do the same. At the time, I was inexperienced enough to be puzzled by this, since I'd always heard it was the cold which affected girls that way, not a steaming hot tub. She leaned back and had one more orgasm. You want to tell us about this foursome deal now? Daniel, please don't. But what we all want to see now is how much cock you can get down your gullet when you really try.