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Description: Bethys Takes Two Dicks. Have you ever lost, but really believed you won? OK, Sandra, then I'll have to find another way of amusing myself. Angie's relief was almost noticeable. One of them was short and plump, a freckled face, red hair tied up with a white ribbon, strong little legs nicely shown off with a mini-skirt and half calf boots with white stockings rolled over the top of them. Angie loved the feel of his fingers even though she was totally spent sexually. I can see that sweetheart. We could eat almost everything with our fingers. Shit, yeah I wanna do it again! I muttered out Shit! HtmlThat Tuesday evening was the worst in 34 year old Angie's young life so far with her mind in a turmoil as she tried to come to terms with the consequences of fulfilling her interracial sex fantasies and her naivety in trusting the instigator of it all, Mike.