Bangkok A Very Dirty Thai Girl Shows Off Her Skills - TubeStars Party

Duration: 28:21 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: A Very Dirty Thai Girl Shows Off Her Skills. C made some crack about Levi's jeans and all the stupid buttons, and stood up moving behind me. Both of them playing the same pink piccolo at the same time and to the same tune! Aaliyah was sharing a double-headed dildo with Toni, both women humping their hips and working the rubbery, blue sex toy in and out of their twats. Then, before she knew what I'm doing, there is a sharp tugging at her hips, a tearing sound, and the flimsy bikini straps of her panties give way to my insistence, ripping at the seams. She was wearing a shimmery black dress, low cut, with a velvet collar almost halfway to her waist, cleavage heaving up out of it in a double half crescent - the Mountains of the Moon, I remember thinking.