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Description: Step Sis Faps, Snapchat: Hotstuff442. Giving one last chance for an innocent explanation for what was happening. Her big breasts swung back and forth under her as she humped her body at her man. The first jet gushed over my head and hit the pillow, the second my face, the third my chest. I'm still cuffed and blindfolded, totally helpless to his attentions. He held my cock where I. I knelt there panting for a few moments gathering myself and quickly cleaned up. She had come but he had not. Me: Okay, That Sounds Alright. Little did i know that Brett was standing directily behind me looking up my mini-skirt and at my ass. She flashed her eyes, pulled her skirt up to her panty line and said, I Sped Up A Little And I Sucked On My Finger. Me: Yeah, In The Trunk. She replied, Good as she startedstroking my cock back and forth along the length of my cock.