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Description: Kayden And Rocco Make A Porno, Scene 3. I just said nothing. There was a large leather couch facing a huge flat screen tv. When I got home several hours later, her car was gone and I found a note. The girls listened to Candy's story of what happened after Deloris went home then I got my kiss and they left. It was Ryan's drawing of my mom. Are you gonna come to my game? Mom again was on her phone calling Rick to tell him this time it was Savannah. I just smiled and walked away. I swallowed as fast as I could but still a little leaked out of the corner of my mouth. I pushed back in incredibly slowly and she let out another long moan. That day was pretty sunny and the outdoors felt so amazing at the time. I know it is left wide open at the end for another, but one never knows as I have another story idea that is not connected to this one or the story before.