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Description: Wife Helps While Husband Fucks Her Hot Friend. What's more you'll be helping me out in a big way. I could hear through it though, a mingled bellow of male triumph and a higher pitched shriek of absolute pleasure. Ian had imagined that very thought. We are hosting on Sundays! Followed by an address I've never been to, but I recognise the part of the city; it's one I pass through every day on my way to work. I returned to my seat still shocked at what just happened. His jeans slid down and as they did his big black cock sprang out, almost hitting me in the face. My intentions were to study her way of living, but i soon realized that i hadn't got to do that. Better to sit upright and ramrod straight in case it was a hard impact. Oh no mom, in fact, to me it seems likethe most natural thing to do.