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Description: Wiping Up My Load W/ Boxers. The steel glowed from end to end making it seem much bigger than anything she'd seen before. She started to SUCK and as I did I began to SHOOT. The initial shock had long been replaced by a sense of shameless curiosity. I looked over at Cody and then back to her You won't tell?, I asked looking for some reassurance. That was perfect Ian though as he watched his gorgeous wife lick and then kiss that long thick dark cock. So eventually we agreed to give it a go. You could say we are best friends, if there is such a thing. As she got into the tiny nameless mining town in the early evening, she got odd stares at her appearance. He told his mom to get him whatever her favourite alcohol was and $100. She made a quick call on her cell and assured her mom that she was OK and would be with Tim until the following morning. Lisa huffed and stomped out of the room. Rating 4/10
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