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Description: Sounding Small Dick. I thanked him and went back to the path. It was about midday because the blazing sun was directly overhead and a whole slew of the town's workers were doing all kinds of crazy continental things in their lunch hour - things like taking off their ties and pullovers and then lying down in the shade underneath the trees in the park. Then i realize i been filled up with spunk so they laugh and say look at that cum fart asshole sounding off. Tonight we present to you three tableaux, each of which I believe you will not find the equal of anywhere. That meant it was sloppy 2nd for B. Me, Spencer, And Ethan. He moaned and said eww yeah and. I Stretched Out His Ass Last night When I Fucked Him In The Shower. I looked down at the pattern of fields and dirt roads below and practiced what I was going to say to the two timing shit once we were safely back on the ground. Rating 7/10
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