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Description: My Penis. I don't know what you two are on, but you must be smoking a hell of a lot of it if you think I'll ever be ok with this. I was taken aback when Mickey began sucking her nipples and it really blew my mind to see her start lapping the semi-conscious girl's cunt. It had to be one of these Jann. I did take it and I think I gulped it right down because she smiled and traded glasses with me. My family actually got worried about me because I was never gone from home that long. Then the bathroom door at the far end of the hall - the familiar click of that latch. I pulled the women on top of me and she looked over at her husband and got the hint. Faster and faster until I felt a surge through my body - I was looking down at the purple head of my large cock as my first cum shot out up to my chest. He bowed like a courtier and stretched out his hand towards the pod: My lady, your sky carriage awaits.