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Description: He Shoots, He Scores. With absolutely NO warning to you, I pull my cock from your gushing pussy and with the one hand I still have full of your hair I begin helping you to your knees. (Probably themost `skunked' beer on the planet, the only thing its good for is tohelp you blend, and even then it's a minor prop.) The bartender was agood-looking drag queen with an average body, I could see why shewasn't a dancer, but at least her presence confirmed my hopes! She just looked at me. Just as he stepped forward to take a piece of clothing from the line, he heard a twig snap behind him and he was straightaway tackled by two boys. Mandy whispered, breathless. You have lost She said in-between puffs of smoke. She turns her head and demands 'Lick me!'It is a compelling command softened a little by her addition of 'Please.'She doesn't need to ask twice - I will do anything she asks at this time.