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Duration: 0:26 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: He Shoots, He Scores. The pressure began to build, but I knew I had to hold it for a while in order to be completely clean for Master and His brother. Finally the tip of his finger bumped against her clit and she let out a soft cry of pleasure and Tony leaned his head down, kissing along her neck as he began to circle his finger around that little nub, drawing the sweetest, sexiest cries from his twin's lips. I want you here, now! Her hands moved then to grip his shoulders as she began to gasp softly and rock against him as he moved inside of her. Roll, face down, rear up. She beamed at me then kissed me, Forever? She let out another cry and he groaned again as her muscles clenched and trembled around him, massaging his cock like he'd never imagined before. With hands pressed tightly against their crotch Eyes looks on. Tony was really into it now.