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Description: Sloppy Top While The Baby In The Background Crying!. In fact, about all I knew was that for about a week before and after a girl's period, she couldn't get pregnant. I thought I was your best friend. She stops me and pulls my head to hers as we embrace with a sweet kiss, I slide her g-string off as I lightly rub my fingers over her dripping wet pussy and she makes a sharp inhale as I do so. It wasn't easy, I never thought in a million years I'd say that, but here we are. Things could be set and turned on as Tiffany entered the room too. She was still watching me, but that now familiar look of concentration was back. The picture was so wide and so close you couldn't help feeling you were actually there, drifting over the edges of the skyscrapers and about to fall down into those streets so far underneath you.