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Description: Lunch Time Erotica. That was the only messages they exchanged, everyday around the same time. He didn't correct my use of Sir, I knew that his first name was Stephen, but I would never call him that. She had cried, silent tears as she studied him. That is until I met Sawyer. I've been good but maybe it's time to give you. As she finisher she became quiet and I looked up to see her eyes had rolled back and it appeared her mind was lost and in another place as she sat there rigid and trembling. The head, the shaft the base. Not that she wasn't presentable, even if she did have a nose on her like Shylock's daughter - that was more than made up for by the size of the boobs underneath her tightly stretched overall buttons. She was so utterly hot that, after a couple of minutes of his stabbing his cock down her throat, she climaxed again, this one being wilder than the first one. I wondered what would happen with the four of us in the car. Rating 9/10