Gay Man Whores 6 - Scene 3 Position - TubeStars Party

Duration: 27:21 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Man Whores 6 - Scene 3. You guys raped me. In case I haven't mentioned it yet, Jeff is a teacher, a high school teacher. In Mios' hands, the chain had come alive like a serpent searching for its prey. I felt a stop her heimen. Today, however, something seemed to be bothering her. My arms fell down, my slip hanging down in folds like a collapsed parachute over Marco's work helmet. Once she was done she got up and went to the bathroom. She was the biggest whore in the school. No bugger at all had seen a thing - it was wonderful - great timing, everything happening as the roller coaster had plunged down the deepest dip on the track. My mind went blank. She knew she was in the power of a bunch of guys who were going out of control with lust, so the sooner they knew she was willingly submitting to a gang bang the less chance there was of her getting hurt. The shame of it here she was being groped in all the most private places by a young boy she had only just met. Rating 5/10