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Description: Return Of The Monster. Jake's 9 inch tool immediately sprang to life and she straddled his face as shove dove mouth first onto his veiny rod. She smiled and said she would contact him as soon as she could. Jodi's gang had no room in it for wimps who dithered - when Jodi gave the signal you went in with everything you had, no pissing around. I was sucking on her nipples when Cathy came in and took Beth away. Abruptly, he entered her, broke her cherry, and was plunging away inside her. His face was red in the cheeks, and Janis could detect the smell of beer about him. His face wore a depressing look of defeat. You should go to her. I think they checked him out. Hey, I have an idea. Nina asked herself, obviously still shaken from making an entrance that was nowhere near perfect.