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Description: Crazy Dick. The air felt cool on my glistening, rock solid cock. Softer than a lovers touch, I felt the fabric moving over my body. When I briefly held her body away from mine, her dress fell to the floor. Spencer Started Fucking My Ass Slowly. I could strain my back hefting those around. She said you were afraid that I. Spencer: That's Good. Then he gave me the panties and I pulled them over my face, turned around, put my cock up against Barbie's quivering lips and pushed it into a nest of slippery muscles that had me groaning in pleasure. Hayden issues a grunting choke as she feels the head of my cock jam at the back of her throat, making her momentarily gag on it. Hayden moaning from the force of my cock stabbing into her. I had put clean panties on that morning of course, but I'd have been happier if I'd just changed them. Rating 2/10
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