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Description: Aybars Fucks Leo. Karen had a funny look on her face and asked what it tasted like. Now, myself, I just can't believe that anything that moves that well can be anything but the real thing. The police had found this poor guy the next morning, cowering in a shed, It was not that long! With no where to live,they accepted my offer of safe accomodation, and they swore an alleigance to me and my needs, and they sexually satisfied my and there own needs.Like me they also fantisied about sex slaves. The water sprayed loudly on the wall across from us, hiding the loud smacking noise Chris made as he fucked me. They all laugh and look at it shocked. He thrust quickly into her. Struggling against my movements, she bits down into the pillow, muffling grunts mixed with moans. Rating 8/10
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