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Description: We Need Respect. He stuck two fingers up her wet pussy and then shoved it in. Look Tiffany, I admire your fight I really do but trust me you will not get another job anywhere around here trust me. Then he stood up and reclamped the 'C' onto one of the support arms of the control bar. I just left her there. Are you having an affair with him? She giggled, holding her hands up in front of her face as if too embarrassed to let him see it. I lay there still grimacing in pain I still felt inside. I kept my hand on her thigh keeping her legs pulled apart so I could stare at her pussy as she laid there. To my knowledge he doesn't. Mel brought it up first and ask me to have sex with her mom. I found myself looking down at his crotch and could see the swelling of what I could only imagine to be a large cock. The salesgirl smiled and said, Yes they do. After about 5 minutes he motioned for me to lay back, so I did and he laid in front and i held him. He stood slightly over 6' tall and weighed 235lbs. Rating 9/10
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