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Description: Timelaps. You realize of course that owning a sissy slave is a great responsibility, don't you? She lifted her hips to me and I sank deeper. With his shirt off dripping in sweat I found my cock had become immediately rock hard, something he didn't fail to notice as I saw him glance at my crotch and give me a knowing smile as he headed into the changing room. Is it always that way for girls? This was certainly the cleverest plot I'd ever been caught up in and just as certainly it had crushed all my scruples. He knew she loved it and wanted more. Fuck I am so wet and aching as I type this. Well, maybe he didn't know that but Barbie did and she was keeping her legs well open for it, although trembling like a trapped animal - which she was, of course. She wiped my butt with the cloth and tossed it to the other end of theshower. Rating 3/10