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Description: Furry Yiff Animation - Yiffalicious Promotional Trailer (Straight & Gay). Ellen's heart broke a little. I Couldn't Believe This Was Happening. Susan put her hands on the handle: Hey, hey and a up she rises, early in the morning. Then he came back. No bitch, open them. Yes, Abby told me about you, and I can tell she was right about you, you're downright sexy. Your breathing becomes a pant as you rise to your climax. She whimpered, moaned, and groaned in pleasure. Then she started working a finger up my ass. C'mon now, you really will be late with that attitude. It was when she lifted my balls up and started to lightly lick my taint that I lost it. The next entry was a month later when Judy spent the night. Her eyes were alluring. She spoke through the kisses she shared with her mother, Yes daddy. To the Shop (Staff Courtesy Bus), It was always there, opened it up ,transfered the still sleeping guests one by one, and left, they would be found in the morning, .Somebodys going have a shock ,finding. Rating 1/10
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