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Description: Slave Kitty Being Punished..... She was mostly shaved, with just a small tuft of hair above her pussy. As I dressed and slid the stockings up my legs, I giggled at the game about be played. It was a parent's evening and they went out for a drink afterwards. I replied, Candy you sure are dandy and I can't wait until Friday to see if incest is best! But to snatch a girl - two girls - and have some fun with them in here! I composed myself as best I could and tried to sneak into the bar back to my seat. Once they were done the other five Mommy's arrived with a special present. Upon Ken' suggestion we settled on a matinee at a nearby theater. Well we are not that kind and we want to go. He never looked my way but it almost seemed as if he knew he had an. At least it might inhibit him from saying anything else while she was listening to the call. I saw Kat glance down at my crotch just as my boner shifted. Her daughter was next right after we ate.