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Description: Solo. I growled as she squirmed underneath me, she feels my hard cock rubbing against her stomach, she froze, the fear paralyzing her. Marci is moaning in pain and pleasure, biting her lips, grunting and gasping for air, still begging me to stop, but her resistance is futile. As funny as it sounds, Tim and Lisa had never kissed one another until that moment. After all we both want to experiment. She rested her head on her arms. Peter the captain of the football team was having a pre-stag night for the team and the wives and girlfriends were also going out but to a different venue. Fucking grow up Anyway you met my mate? It's giving me more pleasure to be your slave slut than anything, Master. I probably wouldn't do it but yeah I've thought about it. He lasted all of two minutes and left.
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