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Description: Margarita And A Penis. Bending and strechting to give my step daddy a good show till I bent over at the hips to get the spark plugs. We had to break the kiss for a moment, the shirt was off and we were back at making out for a while. She had forgotten how close the game had been last time. Amy got on the bed on all fours and stuck her ass out, I got up behind her and was just about to give it a go. It might have just been the alcohol talking, or maybe it was just my need to be fucked, but I nodded eagerly and slid my hand into Zeke's lap, leaning in close to him. Gotten and the way Kelly's finger felt up my ass I began to think what it would feel like to have a hard dick up my ass. I couldn't hold it for longer but her screams were very noisy too (it turned me on even more, but I was worried somebody came in) And suddendly. Jumped and turned and sucked my cock waiting for the next shot and I gave. What you frightened of Miss you know you'll beat me. I pick her up and use the wall as support as I slowly fuck her agenst the wall she starts scratching my back again as she says she's getting close to another orgasm as I push harder and harder with each. Rating 6/10
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