Blonde Chelsie Rae Is…the Animal - Scene 4 Throat - TubeStars Party

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Description: Chelsie Rae Is…the Animal - Scene 4. Our bathroom floor was a mess. And anyway, it was two against one, two who would have grabbed my arm before I could have turned the wheel even once. I Stretched Out His Ass Last night When I Fucked Him In The Shower. I'm feeling a bit peckish. As my breathing started to return to normal, there was movement beside me, and Janice snuggled up against me. Good I tasted she knew how to make a man feel like a man. My whole mouth went instantly numb like it was cold. I shouted the same words into the clinging fabric as loudly as I could, feeling stupid and humiliated and resentful at being treated like a marine recruit. But he all his attention was on the audience, none of it for what was behind him. Otherwise, I was going to shoot again before achieving full penetration. I c-can't breath-. Rating 7/10