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Description: Glory Holes 2 - Scene 7. I couldn't see her full breasts or nipples, but I could see them in my mind. 'It's not your job to protect me, you know. I kissed my precious Dusty and told her about my daydream, I sure wish you weren't so close to this baby getting' here, I would really like to have some of your sweet, sweet pussy right about now. Take your hand off my granddaughter before I break your fuckin' arm. I've wanted to tell somebody about it for a long time and now I've moved to a different city I've finally decided it's safe to write it down. The wind seemed to be blowing away the noise of the engine as well, making a combined background noise which wasn't really bothersome at all. Turned from me with her back to me, and bent at the waist to remove her. And they both went in. I'm Gonna Count The Times That You Moan. Your Tounge Ring Got Me Hard.
Models: Cindy Dollar