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Duration: 11:37 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Glory Holes 2 - Scene 7. You didn't think I would just suck your cock and not expect you to fuck me with it would you? I think it's time for a little experiment. I had missedÊ not to discuss limits, dosand do-nots with him in the beginning, I had to make that up as soon aspossible.Ê ÒSir, please, stop it, please, I canÕt stand it, SirÓ, I pleaded.Ê ÒAs a warningÓ he replied. As I stropped myself, I fingered her little button and put a finger up inside her. But I guess Jodi had already done extensive field trials in applied pinology as a quick and easy way of getting around arguments. But when I fingered her through the silk, just as a touch of luxury, I found out she was even more ready for it than I'd expected.
Models: Cindy Dollar