Blonde Glory Holes 2 - Scene 7 page 121 - TubeStars Party

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Description: Glory Holes 2 - Scene 7. We got much better body armor and firearms that I had when I was in the military. He sounded about as happy as a man could be. I can't say I took particular joy in that exchange but it was sexy hearing her talk about me like that, and it would have been better if I could have concentrated on anything but her ass at that moment. After the beggining of this chapter it will get better, so bear with me. The Party, like most men of my age ,girls,fags and booze was the order of the day, occaisionally if you were lucky you could buy the odd Purple Heart, which would help the evening to go well.I arrived. Like the willing lamb to slaughter, so I did exactly what was asked of me, what a trusting person I was, as soon as I laid down they encouraged me to put my arms towards the bed head,and while Rose was.
Models: Cindy Dollar