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Description: My "snake" Vs "the Shaking Legs Part 2!:.... She started a down and out rhythm to her riding, slamming down on me at first before pushing her ass back in time. It felt so fucking good my cock was still throbbing. He thought to himself as he eyed the tiny, pleated black mini skirt that stopped miles before the pink tops of her black stockings. She questioned herself as the spanking continued behind her; was it right that she felt really aroused listening to the spanking ? I remember the softness of his moist tongue as it moved about against my tongue and while I never thought I could be any more turned on, I was. My mom raised her feet to the cam so 'pervert' could have a good look of her sexy toes. I sat on the bed, she put a condom on me some lube, and mounted me. Rating 9/10
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