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Description: The Best Of Monica Sweetheart - Scene 5. Looking at him with my fuck me eyes. Then I felt her hand slowly moving around my waist. He seemed to realise that and to reassure me. She leaned forward and said Maybe you could come to my room tonight and prove it. In our class there's 7 girls and 18 lads. She was the wettest and tightest girl I have ever fucked. Isn't this funny, your a queer! He kissed me again and his hands where all over me. You will also concentrate on what your hands tell you, and remember to pull them back to be ready to guard your body. But I can fix him. My body kept betraying me, and continued to mistakenly show him that I enjoyed this violent act that he bestowed on my body. Her eyes, a dark green, were unguarded and happy, almost whimsical. Rating 4/10
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