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Description: Sofia Staks Vs Peter North. The following evening, when I got home, Jane was waiting for me and gave me another invite over for the evening. We then got dressed and headed for the door leaving the horny couple behind. So would you like to get in. Sliding between those lovely twin peeks, I was very forcefull with her,and grabbed her firmly by the hair,and dragged her into my bed. She was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. Starts to gyrate her hips and ass. Then my husband arrived. The girls all arrived together. I tried to force myself to be calm, but it wasn't going to happen. The last two weekends my husband was so engrossed with his new project that he has fucked me only once and quick. That's all he'd say though, not another word until we got to the town. Of cum, everyone started to clap and cheer, I looked around and noticed, it had been arranged for all the women to leave, I was the only girl in the bar, there were over 100 men at the party by now, than. Rating 3/10
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