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Description: Ridding Daddies Dick. She excused herself and went to the toilet. I see a mirror over on the far wall and walk to it. I put my hand on her leg and moved it up until I could feel her sopping wet slit. Three or four drinks a slightly wobbly walk back. I just looked at her and smiled. Debbie was a month or two older that Beth. Mercedes said Why the hi-heels? When I turn away from the curtains you are standing there with your back turned to me asking if I could untie your dress. The two pictures she sent were one of just the head of the dildo in her ass, the other she was taking the most of it. It was sex with steroids. Then he stood up and reclamped the 'C' onto one of the support arms of the control bar. She felt the force of his cum shooting into her, knew she was the source of his excitement, and another wave of pleasure rolled over her in another orgasm. Rating 7/10