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Duration: 02:00 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Perryvilla Island. I had to wonder if that was this bastard's plan, to get me pregnant before his supposed best friend, my soon to be husband would even have a chance. Fucking a tranny high off my ass on mescaline in a forrest is gotta be up there. Got me so wet I left marks in my chair. Be ready to see me later tonight. I let out a sigh and suggested to them lets go. I nearly bust a gut holding in my laughter and I could see the other guys were in the same way. I stood her up and sucked her strange breasts as I asked her questions. The thought still left her feeling dirty and horny all at the same time. He pushed the dress down past her hips and to the floor. Like I was meant for this. God it almost felt real. It was not in him. Rating 4/10