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Description: ~Getting A Little Dickslap~. It's because of.shit, I don't know why. That's inhuman! Your pussy tightens hard and he lets out a moan and slaps your ass. Candy caught most of it in her mouth and swallowed quickly before opening her mouth for more. The next day a police detective comes by to question me in the morning, I tell him all that I know. If anyone did, it was either old ladies or drunk college kids. I said, You really are growing up. I played with her tiny rosebud for a moment, then pushed my index finger gently into the incredibly tight opening, the water providing adequate lubrication as long as I went slow. Lindsey blushed at being talked to this way. I washed the sperm from the inside of my trunks, and thoughtfully got out of the water, Junior still looking for some more action. Rating 2/10