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Description: She Wanted Round 2 Backshots. They would lead them with some excuse to Jincy theatre and humiliate them, then the ticket checker would come in as their savior and lead them to this sound proof box. Today I had the privilege of taking her to school and picking her up afterwards because I had the day off. The average age of the ppl there was between 45 and 65 yrs. I watch your eyes darkening, narrowing as you lean in to press your forehead against mine. She wanted to experience that cock she wanted it inside him. Next Morning when I came into kitchen I saw her in her nighty which was not usual. May I ask how old? He was laying on a padded bed which was conveniently waist high so I just reached over and started stroking his nipple watching as he continued to play with his cock. My jerking movements and red face obviously gave me away and I saw her put a hand over her face in shock at what she'd done to me. Then tell him and ask for his forgiveness.
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