Squirt Step Sister Shelby Cock - TubeStars Party

Duration: 11:38 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Step Sister Shelby. The thing was, I couldn't see any reason why we couldn't take this pair down to the van later on - and I knew what was going to happen then, in every sweaty, pounding detail. Every one in the whole world knows about Girl Scout Cookies especially the Thin Mints. She led me into her bedroom where I saw a while cotton night dress - a woman's one. Jenna rose her head gasping for air as a thick line of spit stretched from her mouth to his bulging cock. About an hour later the thought occurred to me that when I urinated for about the umpteenth time, that I must be recycling her pee onto my face. The Fed-Ex man had to call out to her to bring her back to reality. Wha- I began to ask, but then I remembered. My face was burning with embarrassment, compounded twice over as Tony took his turn at fondling me. I wasn't any more nervous than Jeff though, who watched Brett strapping me into the front seat with a kind of desperate look on his face as if I was going up in a space shuttle. Rating 4/10