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Description: First Time What Ya Think. We're going to Kilkenny Ponds, aren't we? It was simply amazing. Ok everyone understand? I asked what's up. Well, she started, Bill and Tom arrived here early, like about 1:00. They both said they had and thought she was really hot so I asked them if they would help me with a surprise for her. But, Sir, I donĀ“t really.. Was looking forward to getting a hand job from Amy. Kicked me out this time. Emmett continued, seeing how far he could push the envelope, So you don't want to know that it's your fault that I only date certain women?Pardon? Then a picture flashed in her mind, a female body naked before her tied bent over, Miranda poised behind her, hanging between her legs a large rubber cock, the submissive female helpless as Miranda chose. Rating 1/10