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Description: Ebony Chick Fucked By Two White Dudes. When he asked who it was, there was no answer. She has green eyes that draw one's attention right to them. The wheels wavered around unsteadily a meter or so above the hard packed sand left by the ebbing tide, like a drunk trying to get his arse back onto a bar stool. His hand found the moistness of her shaved pussy as he began to play with her clit. He had always known that she was a beautiful andsexy woman, but seeing her that way affected him powerfully. It was a nice place to come on a hot day to get away from the crowds and the traffic. What could possibly be wrong with the deal?Addressing Jamal Ken asked, what will you do? A small black bag hung from her left shoulder and she swayed through the crowd with long necked grace, a head taller than most of the men in the tent. Rating 3/10
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