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Description: The Deepest Fellatio Yet. Put the damn shirt on. You look into my eyes and ask if you really did look pretty in it. There must have been twenty tiny hooks holding it tight to her body. He was kissing my legs to my thighs and while his hands kept pinching my tits and pressing hard my breasts. As I grew older I developed into what I would call a REAL breast freak as I admire that the most on a female body and I also happily blamed jenny for that. An idea popped into her head. I shrugged my shoulders not really caring about what would happen when the guy came back with this goddess on my dick. Yes if you win I'll do a striptease. I had a feeling you were a bit submissive but not quite that much, maybe I misjudged you do you want to be my slave? He came back with something in his hand; it was a gold necklace with a heart, which he promptly showed me, if I put this around your neck, it would mean you're training is complete. Rating 1/10