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Description: Leggo. Anne-Marie's thighs were sticky, and so was her face, her hair was falling over her eyes and her breasts felt as if they'd been chewed up by a pack of wild dogs. She was softly rubbing her erect clit, and she never took her eyes off of mine as I entered her. She admitted to me that she always fantasized about me, she just didn't know how to go about it. She reached around to put her hands on my ass and started rubbing my ass hole with one hand, and squeezing my balls with the other one. It was slightly ajar. Lips stretched wide to accommodate his massive cock. She was so tight, so hot. Janis gasped knowing her time of liberation was at hand. I took a sip of water to steady my nerves and stopped in front of them. It drove her crazy as she ran her finger through my hair. Oh your cock's so hard, and hot. What Jodi found were four speakers, each three feet high, set up an equal distance apart in the darkened area. I took one last picture when Cathy came in to get Beth.
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