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Description: A Twink Quickie Before He Has To Travel. Holding my hips still, I placed my hands under her shoulders and bent down over her, kissing her gently and licking her tears away. Although he was breathing like the sixth place finisher in the Los Angeles marathon, she began to kiss him, sucking on his dry tongue. With my hands still cupping her ass cheeks, it was only natural to lift her up until I could cover her entire left tit with my mouth, sucking gently, then lapping it clean, taking extra time to nibble and suck on her hard little nipple. She started moaning how good my tongue was she was about to cum when she told me to stick my cock in her pussy. My mouth was slightly open causing it to spread out against my moms' asshole. Josh pulled out, and slumped against his headboard, his dick going limp, his eyes burning into his sisters.
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